Summer Roundup

Summer Roundup

I decided to make a small summer round up, because it was filled with so many little adventures.



When Lina came back from Cambridge we had a tiny get together and spent the entire day at Türlersee. It marked the beginning of summer and it’s one of my favourite memories!

I stayed over at my grandparents house and went hiking in the Röhrlitobel and visited the Tüfelschilen. Pretty impressive! 

And of course this summer was filled with amazing skies! 

We had a family picknick with Lina and watched the lunar eclipse!

Pavi, Nathania and I decided to spontaneously go for Pizza in Milano one Tuesday. 

I’ve been to Milano twice now and it’s not my favourite city to be honest. This trip was super fun though! (And I had fun over-edititing the pictures of the dome!)

For Kim’s birthday we went on a trip to the Bruno-Weber-Park! It was pretty impressive and I loved the hands and fingers that poked out of the ground everywhere!!!

I was super excited the first time it rained when I was in Lucerne. I decided to go for a walk afterwards and somehow ended up in a pink-orange dream. 

Like every holiday, I got up at 3 o’clock once and walked to Türlersee for the sunrise. Mum and Nanna joined me again this year.

I also went exploring around the flat in Lucerne and it turns out only 30 min up and over the mountain I have a perfect view of Pilatus!

It’s been a really good summer! There are so many things I did, I can’t even remember them all and unfortunately I don’t have pictures of everything, like the water fight in Zurich, either. 

It’s the memories that count though, and I’ve definitely made many of them this summer!


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