Rome I: Creeping for Pros

Rome I: Creeping for Pros

I’ve wanted to go to Rome for a really long time and somehow, I ended up not really liking it? I mean, I liked it. I just didn’t love it. Not like Napoli. Not like Pozzuoli.

Our first evening in Rome was amazing. We arrived just in time for golden hour and our Airbnb was only a few minutes from the Colosseum so we strolled around until the sun set and had a quiet evening in.


We got up at 5 the next day and walked to the Trevi Fountain to get some pictures without a billion tourists. This was probably the smartest decision we made the entire holiday because we got see most of the tourist attractions without a crowd. My favourite thing we did in Rome was sitting outside of the Pantheon and watching and drawing other tourists. 

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