Naples II: Discovering the city

Naples II: Discovering the city

After our day off in Ischia we wanted to see some of Napoli. We walked through the city on foot and discovered so many cute allies and places. I love when people hang their washing over the street. My two main memories from this day weren’t the places we saw though. In front of the Palazzo Reale (it’s stairs feature in this blog post) we got smooched by a stranger, which wasn’t as fun as it sounds. And we spent the evening on our balcony watching a bunch of shady dudes selling drugs.

So yeah.

I kind of loved Napoli even though it was super dirty and maybe a bit scary at times. But we also had a lot of fun and most of the people we met were super friendly. The most-probably-money-laundering Senegalese place across the street from our Airbnb even gave us free food because of Pavi!

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