Naples I: A trip to Ischia

Naples I: A trip to Ischia

I don’t want to write too much about Naples, because it’s been a while and all my memories are blurry and I mostly only remember the good stuff and the weird stuff now.

Pavi and I went on this holiday quite spontaneously to distract ourselves from being nervous and excited about starting Uni.


Our first night in Napoli was exhausting because we got a bit lost and found ourselves in the part of Napoli where they kept what seemed to be all the trash. There were actual mountains.
We got a pretty view of the sea though and decided that we would rather spend the following day somewhere quiet. We took a ferry to Ischia and from there a bus across the island to a little hidden beach with clear blue water. It was the perfect day. On our way back, we found a cute photobooth (you know I’m obsessed!) and had Pizza for dinner. The entire city was watching Napoli play football and roared whenever they scored. 

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