Saut du Doubs

Saut du Doubs

After walking down Pilatus the previous day, my legs were dead. D-E-A-D.
Pavi and I went on a GA-Trip to Saut du Doubs, and because Pavi had had leg-day the evening before, we spent the entire day in pain. Looking like to severely injured penguins we somehow managed to get to Les Brenets and back. I honestly don’t know how though.

When I found out about Saut du Doubs I was promised “the Norway of Switzerland” with a gorgeous boat ride on the Doubs through a fjord like valley. I pictured a slight drizzle, wind in my hair and a lot of green.
Somehow I had forgotten about the drought. When we arrived in Les Brenets we were relieved to see that there was still water in the river, though it was significantly less than what the pictures had promised. The Saut du Doubs, a waterfall of 27m with crazy amounts of water had dried out. In fact, after reaching the end of our boat ride, the Doubs had dried out completely. We climbed some of the rocks and Pavi even sat on the very edge of what used to be the waterfall. The few puddles that were still left where the river had once been were full of dead fish.
It was shocking.

I am definitely going back this autumn to see what it’s like where there’s water and a waterfall and fish that are alive.

Is there a place you’d like to visit again? And why?

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