Valle Verzasca

Valle Verzasca

1st of August this year was a lot of train riding and a lot of tanning!

Because of the drought this year, most of Switzerland had a fireworks ban for the 1st of August. So instead of bonfires, barbecues and soaring fireworks everyone had a quiet night in. Lina, Pavi and I decided to go to Ticino for the day.

On our way there we worried that there might not be any water. There were grey clouds hanging in the sky and it looked as if it would rain soon. Not ideal conditions for a day of swimming and sunbathing.

However, like so often, when we arrived there was amazing turquoise water and deep blue sky. Much to Pavi’s dismay, who loves to bake in the sun, there were still clouds that blocked the sun at times. But it was good enough. The water looked great and was freezing cold. Lina and Pavi were much braver than me and actually went swimming, I just sat in a puddle until my legs were numb. 🙂

It was a perfectly lovely day and Valle Verzasca is gorgeous! 

Have you ever been to Valle Verzasca? ♥

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