At a work event one of my coworkers jokingly scolded me for moving to Lucerne and not having gone to Pilatus.
So I went to Pilatus.
Lina got up reeeeeallly early to meet me at the train station in Lucerne and we took the cable car up. There were already a fair amount of tourists [read: a few bus loads] and the view was milky, so we didn’t see very far. It didn’t matter, because we decided to make our way down to Fräkmünttegg. We’d seen the steep way though a scree field and I wasn’t sure if I would actually make it down. Thank God, Lina’s very patient and we took our time to go down. We even decided to take the harder path and it was super fine! Lina’s an experienced hiker, so I was okay but I probably wouldn’t have done it alone.

There was one moment in our hike, right by a tiny church, where there was fog that crept along the steep mountain rocks of Pilatus. The sun shone through and it was absolutely breathtaking. And even though the rest of the view was rather unspectacular this absolutely made the whole trip incredibly beautiful!

Have you ever been to Pilatus? 

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