There’s not much to add to these pictures except for a few trail details: Nicola and I met up in Richterswil and hiked from there to Hütten. We then reached the Sihltal and after a short lunch break we hiked along the water to Sihlbrugg. 

Here’s the link to where we found the trail. It says the 19 km hike will take 5 hours. We decided to take the entire day to do it and not have to hurry. This way we would’ve had the option to go swimming as well. A very sensible decision in my opinion. I’m not sure but I would guess it took us about 7 hours including a few breaks on the way.

I imagined the hike to be a bit more challenging. However, the only challenge we faced was that there were no fountains on the way and I hadn’t brought enough water. We found a restaurant eventually, so that was fine as well.

In my opinion it was too bloody hot to be outside in the sun and I was glad that a huge part of the trail led us through the cool forest! In Nicola’s opinion it could’ve been a bit warmer still! 😊

It’s a beautiful trail and there’s plenty of opportunities to go for a swim as well, so perfect for summer!

What are your thoughts on the weather? Too hot or not hot enough? 

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