Neuchâtel + Saut de Brot

Neuchâtel + Saut de Brot

Where to begin with this magical day?

When we went to Creux du Van, we travelled through Neuchâtel. I’d never been and when our train drove past the old town and the view was made up of enchanting rooftops, an amazing castle and a lake all painted in the warm sunlight of a sunset, I was in love.
Pavi and I both have a GA and we had decided at the beginning of summer that we would go on a lot of adventures and travel Switzerland. Neuchâtel seemed like an excellent place to go.

On this particular Thursday morning of our trip I was feeling poorly. And by poorly I mean I felt as if though I would die soon. However, I’d been excited for this trip for over a week and I wasn’t going to miss out. I decided to soldier through. I’ll spare you the details but it took a few painkillers and a bit of vomit in a train toilet that smelt of urin to cure me. 
By the time we arrived in Neuchâtel I was fine. We got some breakfast and beelined for the lake. The weather was absolutely perfect and there weren’t too many people around. The internet told us that that Neuchâtel was known it’s the beautiful castle (makes sense), the old town and a traditional chocolate shop. Neuchâtel is probably known for other things as well, but these were the things that we were most interested in. We took a look at all of them and found a cute little Crêperie in the middle of the old town to have lunch in. All the while there was a violinist playing Vivaldi’s Spring. THE AESTHETIC. 

As dessert Pavi treated me to an ice cream at the chocolate shop and we made our way up the steep hill to catch the train to Noiraigue. It was the same train I had taken with Sharon and Sophie a few weeks before. In fact, it was even the same stop we got off the train. Instead of climbing up the mountain though, this time Pavi and I kept to the Aare and slowly made our way to a wonderful gorge. We knew there was an enchanting bridge waiting for us called Saut de Brot. Compared to the steep climb from the lake to the train station in Neuchâtel this was a piece of cake. The walk through the forest next to a gleaming stream of water was amazing. We took loads of pictures of the bridge and then decided to walk to the next train stop, Champ-du-Moulin, instead of walking back to Noiraigue. A sensible decision, we ended up finding a cute little artisan ice cream shop right by the train station and ended our adventure with a second amazing ice cream.

I am still amazed by how lovely this day was. Thanks Pavi for bringing me along even though I looked aweful in the morning! ♥

Where should we go next? I’m especially interested in places near Lucerne!

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