Creux du Van

Creux du Van
Amazing Panoramashot by Sharon

I’m not gonna lie – I struggled with this hike. I am not in shape and a 780 m ascent in the dark is not what I would consider fun. This trip though – this hike – worth every bead of sweat.

I’ve been to Creux du Van before. In a summer camp in 2011 and I absolutely hated every second of being there. Puberty had hit me hard and I hated everything. ESPECIALLY hiking though. I can’t remember all too much of being there except for the Creux du Van being very windy. So yeah. For some reason the youth group still has a picture of the trip on their website and I’ll upload it here as well. It’s super low res and I’m glad you can’t tell where I am. 😊

Luckily for myself and everyone around me I have grown into a fairly optimistic, nature-loving adult. I think.

The past two years, on our train rides from Zurich to Biel we’ve often talked about going camping or going on a hike together. The idea of going to Creux du Van – the Swiss canyon – has been in our heads for a while.

As a last hurray of sorts Sharon, Sophie and I decided to spend the night outside on Creux du Van, watch the Sunrise together and then once and for all be done with our apprenticeship. So, on Friday evening after our graduation party in Biel we put on our hiking boot and made our way to Noiraigue. It was bloody warm out and the humid air didn’t help with the ascent.

We were super sweaty and exhausted. (Or I was at least). We kept saying “It’ll be worth it once we see the sunrise, it’ll be so worth it” but I’m not sure if I believed it at the time… After a two-hour hike through the forest, the full moon finally shone through the trees and guided our way to the top. We found a nice spot to sleep until sunrise four hours later.

At about five in the morning the sky started to change from a deep blue to a light purple which faded into a bright pink and then finally the sun rose. It was worth it. We took an obscene number of pictures and tried to befriend a Capricorn. It was amazing. I’m not even going to try and describe what we saw but rather let the pictures speak.


The pictures aren’t just mine but also Sharon’s and Sophie’s!


Sophie made an amazing timelapse of the sunrise!

As a comparison here's the picture of 2011. 🙂

It was a struggle to get up there and I still think it was a fairly dumb idea to hike up there in the dark, but it was definitely worth it! ♥

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