Seleger Moor

Seleger Moor




You will go out in joy
and be led forth in peace;

Isaiah 55:12



As a child and teenager, I hated hiking. Just generally spending time outside being physically active was my ultimate nightmare. Reading outside was fine. I also loved going on adventures in the woods with my cousins.

But Sunday afternoon walks with my family or going hiking at camp were/was the worst. (More on this in one of the next blog posts!) And I think part of me never really got over that. 

This spring mum and I have often gone for walks in the evening. One evening, after a walk around Türlersee, we saw Seleger Moor and it’s bright purple blooming bushes from the bus window. We knew we had to go there before all of the flowers faded. We had spent the walk talking about the prospect of me moving out. I had met one of my future roommates at church the previous Sunday and she had told me about a room in her flat. I was pretty sure I didn’t want to move out and had spent a good part of the walk telling mum about how much it would cost and how much I didn’t want to be a burden on our families finances. Uni is expensive enough as it is.  

The following Tuesday, Dad and I went to look at the room in Lucerne. (Turns out, the flat is right around the corner from where Dad works!) Once I had seen the flat, the room, the lovely girls I would be living with, I changed my mind. I wanted to move out. 

However, the financial situation remained unclear, and I wanted to sit down with Mum and Dad and decide this as a family. I knew my Dad was eager for me to move out and Mum was a bit more realistic about what it would cost. 

We put the decision off on Tuesday night and decided to sleep on it. On Wednesday morning, I decided that I would leave work early so that mum and I could go to Seleger Moor in the afternoon. When I came home at noon, Nathania was already moaning about how bored she was at home. She didn’t want to come to Seleger Moor either. She’d been there a few years ago and had found it incredibly boring. 

I could relate because even though I had never been, somehow my head it was a super boring activity. Like. Only old people go to parks and look at plants and flowers, right?! Nevermind the fact that I spent at least one afternoon a month in a greenhouse somewhere in Zurich… My brain is weird and I’m probably just scared of admitting to myself that I am basically an old lady. 

So Nathania was moaning around, whining about how boring it would be. She was also super worried about the fact that I liked the flat and was seriously considering moving out. She kept asking whether or not we had come to a decision. We kept replying that we would decide in the evening when Dad was home from work. 

Because she was so worried, she decided to join us anyway. We brought my camera and she had a go. She’s actually quite talented and got the hang of it quickly.

I’m not going to tell you about the park, but show you some pictures instead. We had a lovely time and I couldn’t get over how beautiful it was. I kept saying  “I feel like I’m in a Monet painting” and Nathania kept rolling her eyes and replying “You’ve said that a hundred times alreadyyyyyyy”. 

We decided that I would move out until December and just see how that goes. I’m moving sometime in August, so if you want to grab dinner in Lucerne sometime (or can recommend a place I have to see/activity I have to do) please let me know!

I’d love to hear your stories! Have you ever dreaded to go somewhere or do something and ended up enjoying the experience? 

Tell me about it in the comment section below!

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