Spring 2018

Spring 2018

I’ve managed to make a time capsule video diary and update my Instagram feed, but somehow, I just can’t get my head straight to write this blog post.

To catch up what happened since my last blog post in December: Christmas was super great and very chill. New Years was a really good night with amazing food and lots of games and laughter at Silke and Joel’s house.

In January I cried. The entire month. Well, that might be an exaggeration, but I cried a lot and felt like everything in the world was too much and I wasn’t good enough.

In February I got my shit together and worked hard. I realised that I thrive on friendship and exchanging ideas and happiness and love. So, I started hanging out with people again. It was magic. I am lucky enough to have supporting and loving friends. I’ll write a blog post on them another time, but for now I’d just like to say THANK YOU for being there for me, even though the beginning of 2018 was pretty shit for most of you as well. You all struggled with your own challenges and somehow still managed to encourage me. I hope you know I don’t take you for granted and I strive to be just as good of a friend to you, as you are to me!

In March, it felt as though I worked two jobs. I’d work on my final project for my apprenticeship during the day at work and then come home and work on my application for animation. It was exhausting and wonderful at the same time. I don’t think I’ve ever been this productive in my creativity ever before.

April. I got called back for an interview and ended up getting into animation. I also finished my final project (you can find it here).

So far in May: My final project was an animated opener clip for a conference I helped organise at work. I spent half a year preparing everything and corresponding with sponsors and speakers and learning a ton of new things. I realised I loved doing it and then the conference itself happened at the beginning of May and it was great and now it’s over and it’s kind of weird. I would love to do something similar again someday. I am super excited for animation though, so it’s all good.


You may have been able to tell, but I’m going to talk about it anyway. There were so many emotions involved in all of this. I was so scared of not making it into animation, I couldn’t think of anything else. When I got the email that I got in, I started crying. At my desk. In an open space office. I was so surprised and happy, because I had talked myself into believing I had failed.
That’s how 2018 started for me; thinking I wasn’t good enough and that I would fail for sure. It felt like it rained all the time, both literally and metaphorically.

When spring finally came, I was thrilled. I spent every evening outside, watching the sunset, basking in the evening warmth, taking in the flowers and the smell of grass and the sound of crickets. It was heaven!
I think this is a tradition I’d like to uphold. “Watch more sunsets than Netfilx”. Or at least wait for the sun to go down till I start watching Netflix. Maybe in summer I can change that to “Count more stars than you watch Netfilx” or something… we’ll see 😊

Anyway, enough babbling about my emotional state, here are some pretty pictures of spring.

I want this blog to be less of a picture dump and maybe more of a diary and then just show case the good photographs on my portfolio page… Does that sound like a good idea? ♥

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