If I had to choose one place to exist in for the rest of my life, it’d be somewhere in the mountains beneath the red sky of dawn.
It’s that magical time of day where the world is completely quiet and calm, everything and everyone still asleep. The air is cold and your breath crystalises. The clouds turn pink and you can see a rich orange on the horizon. The mountain peaks are dipped in gold and you know any moment now the sun will rise and warm your face. Perfection.

Or perhaps I’d rather spend the rest of my days sitting on a balcony, the mountains stretching out in front of me, the sun blinding. A steaming coffee. Forever brunching and chatting with friends. Forever giggling and just staying in that perfect bliss.

Maybe eternal happiness is found laying on the ground, looking at the night sky. Maybe it’s counting the infinite stars above and the feeling of pure and utter freedom. Knowing your problems and your everyday life is far far away.

These moments would probably lose their magic and fade into the mundane would I stay in them forever. Which makes them all the more special and precious when they happen.

I spent the weekend in Hasliberg, a ski region in the Kanton of Bern. Sophie’s neighbour has a house there and was kind enough to let five of us stay there. We arrived on Friday night and left on Sunday at noon. I got up early on Saturday to see the sunrise and the rest of the day was spent skiing/snowboarding (the others) and moving from restaurant to restaurant and taking photos (me). The nights were clear and the starry sky was amazing. My camera is not good enough to capture the beauty, but I am working on that!

I would be happy to hear from you and know what you think of my pictures! Feel free to leave a comment below 🙂

We were welcomed with a cold, clear sky on friday night.

The view was absolutely spectacular!


This is my favourite picture of the weekend.

See that tiny cloud in the middle of the picture that looks like an oval? Isn’t it cute?
Sophie the Astronaut

Proof I was there 🙂
»Sharon?! Gahts dir guet?« »BLÄNDEND«

Left of the lens flare; can you see a woman’s face?

Amazing view at breakfast.

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